Some basic instructions on use.

CSV of calls: This is a CSV file of the calls you are wanting to search for in the log. It was created to work with the SMC member list, but will work with any CSV file that contains the call in the first field (case sensitive), and each record on its own line. Default is to use the SMC Roster.

Log file: Your Cabrillo or ADIF log. It was written for an N1MM+ Cabrillo file. I tested it on an ADIF file and it worked as well. It really should work on just about any text based file but no guarantees.

Your Station Call: The call you were using. This is included as Cabrillo logs also contain your call, and you would likely be in the member list, so we want to ignore it.

Results: The results will provide you with a count and list of matches from your source CSV that were found in the log.


CSV of calls to find:
Use SMC Roster (2-Nov-2019)
Use CWops Roster (2-Nov-2019)

Cabrillo or ADIF log file to search:

Your Station Call: